People, Planet, Profit

ppp Deltadesh is committed to a wholistic vision of benefiting people & our planet while maintaining profit- this is integral to our vision for corporate social responsibility (CSR).


Deltadesh has a vision for social business which creates fair trade and employment possibilities for the disadvantaged. Both providing jobs within Bangladesh and facilitating social businesses, we believe we can build communities and help the underprivileged.


Deltadesh is continuously monitoring the developments in the renewable energy sector, both in Bangladesh and on the global scale. As concern regarding limited energy is rapidly increasing in Bangladesh, the market is ready for production and implementation on a wider scale. To this end Deltadesh has been involved in the development of a factory to assemble Solar modules in Bangladesh. We seek to build an awareness of carbon footprint, energy efficiency, and promoting renewable energy.


We are a private, for-profit company; not a non-profit. We believe that the best development is built on commercially sustainable solutions – social business. As such, we actively assist many organisations with a similar vision.